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Small but perfectly formed.


Hong Kong is a very famous international city, renowned for its fusion of east and west culture, judicial independence, free of sales tax and import tax, international financial centre and many other things else.

However, it is a very small city as compared with Tokyo, London and New York. However it is crowded with over SEVEN million citizens living here. Hence the land and property prices are the highest in the world (even higher than New York and Tokyo).

As we find that travelers have the need for budget accommodation. We strategically located in the heart of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui. Here you can be easily satisfied with all your shopping and catering needs. Besides, we are right next to the tsim sha tsui mtr station, you can access to most of hong kong conveniently.

Given that we are primely located, the property price here is among the highest in hong kong. Therefore, our rooms are rather small (to give you a better image, the value of the toilet inside the room can buy a 100 meter square flat in China). Without exaggeration, travelers can hardly imagine the crazy living standard in hong kong.

However, our rooms are well equipped with all the basic facilities, e.g. quiet air conditioning, tv, shower room, secure electronic key locks, etc. Our rooms are ratively big among hostels with the same class. We are often praised for clean rooms and friendly customer service by our guests.

If you are looking for a budget accommodation with trustworthy reputation, we are obviously a very good choice for you!


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