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Foreigners who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time and looking for a hostel located on the Kowloon side, if you have plenty of time before deciding which hostel you are gonna stay, I would like to tell you a story about the name of Kowloon and a bit history of our hostel.


Kowloon is the translation from the Chinese words Nine Dragon? Feng Shui professionals indicate that there are nine mountain chains on the Kowloon peninsula, and mountain chain is the blood of dragon? From the Feng Shui point of view, hence the name šnine dragon" was made.

USA Hotel originally named Kowloon Hostel. It has witnessed the growth of Kowloon, as well as Hong Kong, over 30 years. Hong Kong had been developing very fast after 1970s. From a small island mainly depended on fishing, Hong Kong has become one of the most significant international financial centre in the world. From a very rural area, it becomes one of the most important cities of China. Thanks for the immigrants from China; they brought in skills and labor force. Ever since, Hong Kong became a famous city of more than 7 millions residents.

Hong Kong is actually very small, as compared with Shanghai, Tokyo, New York City and London these famous financial centers. However, the price of land of Hong Kong is among the highest. In Hong Kong, the flats are crowded, the buildings are crowded, and the whole city is crowed with people! Here, Kowloon Hostel is located in an old building which is crowded with students, housewives, workers, etc. Foreigners are able to experience the closeness with each others, to experience the style of 1980s building in the modern downtown of a city, to experience the life of hardworking Hong Kong people! Almost 80% of Hong Kong residents live in these kinds of buildings. 5-star-hotels are everywhere over the world. But travelers can only taste the real Hong Kong culture and live the real life of Hong Kongers in these legendary buildings.

Surviving in Hong Kong for over 30 years is not an easy task. Kowloon Hostel sees the importance of improving together with the world. It keeps upgrading its rooms, equipments and customer service. Now, it has more than a hundred rooms. Just like an old song called lemon Tree. One will never find it outdated because it was a product long time ago. But we will still remember and sing it because of its taste, same here for USA Hotel.