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Some must-know facts about HK hostels


Foreign customers don't really know the situation and condition of hostel business in Hong Kong. Conflicts are always created when the wrong expectation cannot be met.  I will list them as follows:

     1. Many Booking Agents do not have the categorization-of-room-type function on their website at present (they are establishing now). We can only sell our standard rooms on their website. So we fail to differentiate our deluxe rooms from other hostels.

         Hence the hostels categorization as follows:

       We only rent luxury rooms in the USA Hostel and Kowloon New Hostel, and standard rooms in Travellers Friendship Hostel, New Garden Hostel and Mirador Hostel. Customers are welcome to change rooms or upgrade to deluxe rooms according to your own accommodation need and budget. We have totally over 100 rooms and will be more than 130 rooms by 1st August. Please feel free to ask upon check-in!

     2. Foreign customers from America and Europe easily have wrong expectation because the hostel in their country is large with a comparable low price because their country is large also.

     3. As above, they always think the rooms of hostels in Hong Kong are very tiny. That's what I always observe form the reviews on the website. They think they should receive similar rooms in Hong Kong as they got in their countries with the same price. They don't understand that the land value in Hong Kong is among the highest in the world.

     4. Customers, after traveling to the mainland China, always complain that our rooms are tiny as compared with what they get in China. They don't understand that China is a still developing country. Their land is a lot cheaper than that in Hong Kong. Though Hong Kong is returned to China, they two own two separate and different systems. This is the famous policy 'one country, two systems'.

     5. The room rates are determined by the market demand. So that's why the room rates are a lot higher in high season

Based on the above observation, I am hereby to ask our customers to read the whole passage so that you will have a clearer picture of hostel business in Hong Kong. I want you to have a happy holiday here. I don't want you to have a fake expectation and then feeling being cheated after your false expectation is not fulfilled.

I improve myself constantly, now I bear in mind that I should contribute myself to the Hong Kong tourism business. I saw that there is a large market of customers that they don't want to spend too much in accommodation and they do require good quality from the accommodations they stay. They are no longer like the past that they only wanted a place to stay and most of the time they went out for sightseeing. Here, I created the USA Hotel Group to meet their demand.

My goal is to offer a comfortable, secure and memorable stay for customers after their tiring journey. I hope customers will remember Hong Kong, also they will remember us!